ECON 435 - Economic Topics in Algorithms


Part-I: Data, Recommender Systems, and Market power

Slide Deck 1: Introduction

Slide Deck 2: Recommender Systems

Python Tutorial I and II

Reading List

Part-II: Algorithmic Collussion:

Slide Deck 1: Repeated Games

Slide Deck 2: Learning Dynamics

Slide Deck 3: MDPs and Q-learning

Reading List

Part-III: Economics and Game Theoretical Topics in Blockchain:

Slide Deck 1: Byzantine General Problem

Slide Deck 2: Dolev-Strong, SMR, Tendermint

Slide Deck 3: Bitcoin Protocol

Slide Deck 4: Bitcoin Details

Slide Deck 5: Economics of Bitcoin Mining

Slide Deck 6: PoS and Ethereum

Slide Deck 7: EIP-1559